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HEAT SPRAY (150ml)

Pain relief and heat therapy, for muscular aches, pains and stiffness, providing targeted pain relief

Deep Heat Rub

Recommended for the relief of muscular pains and stiffness, including back and rheumatic pain, sciatica, fibrositis, sprains and chilblains. The rub can be applied before or after exercise.

It will generate penetrating warmth in aching and sore muscles. The heat therapy helps to increase blood supply to relax and soothe.

Deep Heat Spray

A pain relieving, warming spray to be used directly onto the skin. It is recommended for pain relief in muscles, tendons, joints or bones, lower back and thigh pain, sprains or strains. The spray can be applied before or after exercise.

Re-oxygenate the tissues to help stimulate the natural healing process, and increase the blood supply to relax aching and overstretched muscles.

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