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The compact, portable and cost effective sports kit, ideal for a small sports club or teams first aid needs

The perfect kit for a small sports club or team’s first aid needs

  • Compact and cost effective
  • Easy identification of contents
  • Handy zip bag for easy access
  • Bag has individual compartments for tidy storage
  • Can treat minor injuries on the spot
  • Activ Series 5 bag dimensions 26cm x 15cm x 13cm

Ideal for football, rugby, hockey, cricket, softball and netball teams


5 x Alcohol free wipes
1 x Bag of safety pins
1 x Clinical waste bag
3 x 5cm Conforming bandage
2 x 20ml Eyewash pods
1 x 2.5cm x 1.5m Fabric strapping tape
1 x Foil blanket
1 x Freeze spray
1 x Guidance leaflet
1 x Heat spray
1 x Ice pack
4 x Large plasters
5 x Low adherent dressings
1 x 2.5cm x 5m Microporous tape
1 x 6” Paramedic scissors
3 x Pairs vinyl gloves
1 x Petroleum jelly 250g
2 x 7.5cm Swabs pouches
1 x Sterile eyepad dressing
1 x Sterile large dressing
2 x Sterile medium dressings
1 x 6mm x 75mm Sutures pouch
2 x Triangular bandage
1 x 1 Way resusciade
20 x Washproof plasters

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