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SPORT TAPE (Brown) (3.8 X 13.7M)

An unrivalled rigid sports tape – simple to apply and stays on during the most competitive of sports

The completely rigid zinc oxide tape with breathable, ultra strong adhesive, to provide the strongest support available

  • The ultra strong adhesive formulation ensures tape stays in place during the most rigorous sporting activities
  • Tape unwinds with ease, right down to the core saving time and money
  • Ease of unwind provides the correct amount of pressure during application
  • Specialist breathable adhesive coating allows the skin to breathe
  • Breathable design makes it more comfortable for the user
  • Specialist rayon material is completely rigid, which ensures total support
  • Serrated edge means no scissors are required
  • Tape tears easily and neatly by hand across the width and length
  • The thickness of the adhesive coating ensures that the tape adheres securely to the skin or underwrap
  • 10 metre stretched length – 3.8cm width

Manufactured using state of the art equipment, which applies the perfect medical grade adhesive coating throughout the entire roll, for seamless application

An unrivalled premium strapping tape that outperforms the competition

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